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Part I Policies



ENV 1 Development In The Countryside
ENV 2 Agricultural Land
ENV 3 Green Wedges
ENV 4 Special Landscape Areas
ENV 5 The Glamorgan Heritage Coast
ENV 6 East Vale Coast
ENV 7 Water Resources
ENV 8 Small Scale Rural Conversions
ENV 9 Development Involving Horses
ENV 10 Conservation Of The Countryside
ENV 11 Protection Of Landscape Features
ENV 12 Woodland Management
ENV 13 International Areas Of Nature Conservation Importance
ENV 14 National Sites Of Nature Conservation Importance
ENV 15 Local Sites Of Nature Conservation Significance
ENV 16 Protected Species
ENV 17 Protection Of Built And Historic Environment
ENV 18 Archaeological Field Evaluation
ENV 19 Preservation Of Archaeological Remains
ENV 20 Development In Conservation Areas
ENV 21 Demolition In Conservation Areas
ENV 22 Advertisements In Conservation Areas
ENV 23 Shopfront Design In Conservation Areas
ENV 24 Conservation And Enhancement Of Open Space
ENV 25 Regeneration Of Urban Areas
ENV 26 Contaminated Land And Unstable Land
ENV 27 Design Of New Developments
ENV 28 Access For Disabled People
ENV 29 Protection Of Environmental Quality


HOUS 1 Residential Allocations
HOUS 2 Additional Residential Development
HOUS 3 Dwellings In The Countryside
HOUS 4 New Settlements
HOUS 5 Agricultural Or Forestry Dwellings
HOUS 6 Agricultural Occupancy Conditions
HOUS 7 Replacement And Extension Of Dwellings
HOUS 8 Residential Development Criteria - Policy Hous 2 Settlements
HOUS 9 Conversion Of Large Dwellings
HOUS 10 Nursing Homes
HOUS 11 Residential Privacy And Space
HOUS 12 Affordable Housing
HOUS 13 Exception Sites For Affordable Housing
HOUS 14 Gypsy Caravans

Economic Development & Tourism

EMP 1 Land For Employment Uses
EMP 2 Proposals For New Business And Industrial Development
EMP 3 General Industry
EMP 4 Protection Of Land For Employment Uses
EMP 5 Developments Involving Hazardous Substances
EMP 6 Development Adjacent To Hazardous Industrial Uses
EMP 7 Farm Diversification
EMP 8 Agricultural Enterprise And Associated Development
EMP 9 Non-conforming Business And Industrial Uses
EMP 10 Raf St Athan
TOUR 1 New Hotels In The Countryside
TOUR 2 New Hotels In Urban Areas
TOUR 3 Conversion Of Buildings To Guest Houses And Bed And Breakfast Accommodation Within Settlement Boundaries
TOUR 4 Caravan, Chalet And Tent Sites
TOUR 5 Non-residential Tourist Attractions


TRAN 1 Strategic Highways
TRAN 2 Local Highways
TRAN 3 Rail Development
TRAN 4 Interchange At Rail Stations
TRAN 5 Redundant Rail Routes & Facilities
TRAN 6 Rail Freight
TRAN 7 Strategic Public Transport
TRAN 8 Cardiff International Airport
TRAN 9 Cycling Development
TRAN 10 Parking
TRAN 11 Road Freight
TRAN 12 Port Facilities


SHOP 1 The Shopping Environment Of District Centres
SHOP 2 New And Improved Shopping Facilities
SHOP 3 Retail Development
SHOP 4 Retail Warehousing In Barry Waterfront
SHOP 5 Ground Floor Uses In Primary Shopping Areas
SHOP 6 Above Ground Floor Level In Primary Shopping Areas
SHOP 7 A2 And A3 Uses In Barry
SHOP 8 Tynewydd Road, Barry
SHOP 9 Protection Of Retail Uses
SHOP 10 New Takeaway Outlets
SHOP 11 Upper Floors In Town And District Shopping Centres
SHOP 12 New Retail Development Outside District Shopping Centres

Sport & Recreation

REC 1 Protection Of Existing Recreational Facilities
REC 2 Joint Provision And Dual Use Of Facilities
REC 3 Provision Of Open Space Within New Residential Developments
REC 4 Provision For The Disabled And Elderly
REC 5 New Playing Field Provision
REC 6 Children's Playing Facilities
REC 7 Sport And Leisure Facilities
REC 8 Golf Courses And Golf Driving Ranges
REC 9 New Golf Related Developments
REC 10 Development Of Allotment Land
REC 11 Informal Public Open Space And Country Parks
REC 12 Public Rights Of Way And Recreational Routes
REC 13 Sailing


MIN 1 Mineral Exploration
MIN 2 Release Of Limestone Reserves
MIN 3 Protection Of Further Limestone Resources And Potential Resources Of Sand And Gravel
MIN 4 New Or Extended Mineral Working Sites Reserves
MIN 5 Preferred Order Of Release Of Reserves
MIN 6 Environmental Impact
MIN 7 Buffer Zones
MIN 8 Restoration And After Care
MIN 9 Environmental Controls (secondary Materials)
MIN 10 Derelict Sites
MIN 11 Disused Mineshafts

Waste Management

WAST 1 Provision Of Waste Management Facilities
WAST 2 Criteria For Assessing Waste Management Facilities
WAST 3 Developments Sensitive To The Environmental Effects Of Waste Disposal
WAST 4 Waste Disposal On Agricultural Land

Community & Utility Services

COMM 1 Llandough Hospital
COMM 2 Reuse And Redevelopment Of Redundant Hospitals
COMM 3 Provision Of Schools
COMM 4 The Reuse And Redevelopment Of Barry College Annex
COMM 5 Retention Of Community Facilities
COMM 6 Telecommunication
COMM 7 Wind Generators And Farms
COMM 8 Other Renewable Energy Schemes
COMM 9 Additional Burial Land

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